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"Christine has been helping me take care of my body for the past 17 years. Being an adventurous, highly active woman, the meaning of "take care of" has changed radically as I've aged from 44 to 61. What makes her so good is that her program for me has evolved with my body. During the first part of our journey together, I built a 6-pack that I was oh so proud of! The feeling of being a physically strong woman impacted my whole attitude about how I carried myself through life. No cookie cutter plan: always questions about my goals and support/ideas for how to get there. She even gave me homework! Through running, skiing, hiking and other interests, she's been super-responsive and all-in on helping meet my goal. Then, as the years passed, I had a back injury, neck tightness, knee problems and she worked with my physical therapists and learned how to incorporate necessary exercises into my visits with her. I had 3 other personal trainers before starting with her at age 40 and she stands well above the others. I haven't encountered anyone else who reads so much about new ways to strengthen bodies and researching what routines might be best for my own issues. It's very important to me to have a trainer who listens and accommodates and inspires me to do my utmost without going too far - and I am lucky to have found all of that in Christine!" 


"Whenever I begin a fitness goal I typically show up with optimism and determination. In the past I've gotten tripped up when my initial results - within the first four to six weeks - didn't track with the effort or discipline I brought to the table: It's easy to get demoralized when I don't see change. What Christine brings is a bespoke approach that connects your success to your willingness to engage. To ask for more is to seek out shortcuts. I have worked with Christine for six years because she is my guarantee that I'm not wasting my time and my hard work will meet its reward."

Chris got his reward this year by using a combination of intermittent fasting, a ketogenic diet and exercise to lose over 60# between August 1st and December 15th.  He is currently topping the workout PRs he set as a much younger man!



“I started training with Christine 3 years ago with a horrible back injury. Christine taught me how to listen to my body and give it what it needs. I am now doing things that the doctors said I would never do again. Christine is patient, resourceful, brilliant, kind and a true healer, I would not be here today without her.”



Dakota started training with me to get strong for aerial silk performance and competitive pole.  Standing at nearly six feet tall, she not only struggled with the very long levers but also brought a case of scoliosis to the table.  She has progressed beautifully using unconventional exercises to make her torso more symmetrical and strong while maintaining her flexibility.  

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