Elevate Conditioning constructs customized exercise programs taking into account an individual's strengths, skills and abilities.  We respect your time and intelligence by providing a collection of exercises that train movement patterns, not individual muscles; support healthy eating, not diets, and endorse rest and recovery, not burnout.

  • Personal training $75 per session
  • Small group training $55 per person
  • Adult group fitness classes $15
  • Youth Athletic Development classes $10
  • Wilderness Fitness Adventures TBD

Contact us by phone or email to schedule your session.




How can we make it easy for people to reap the benefits of plant-based nutrition? We know that if you take care of yourself with the help of some wholesome plants, you start to feel better. Or at least, a lot better than you would be feeling eating the Standard American Diet, which leaves us feeling tired and wired, overfed and yet somehow still undernourished. When you sub in some plants in place of frankenfood, you find more energy. You’re a better friend-daughter-son-husband-wife. You’re just straight up a nicer person. Therefore, my goal as a trainer is to make plant-based nutrition a simple, easy choice, in order to help you feel and be awesome, every day.

Visit the Healthy Skoop store to purchase a variety of plant-based Proteins, Daily Greens, Endurance Beets, or the newest Protein Cookie.