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Elevate Conditioning constructs customized exercise programs taking into account an individual's strengths, skills and abilities.  We respect your time and intelligence by providing a collection of exercises that train movement patterns, not individual muscles and endorse rest and recovery, not burnout.

  • Personal training in home or park $80
  • ZOOM training sessions $60 
  • Small group training $55 per person
  • Group fitness classes $15
  • Youth Athletic Development classes TBD
  • Wilderness Fitness Adventures TBD
  • Personal mountain bike lessons 

Contact us by phone or email to schedule your session.





Diet can make or break your fitness results.  It's also one of the most individualized aspects of health.  Following and tweaking principles of human nutrition will enhance your body in many ways:

  • learn how to use excess body fat for FUEL

  • feel more energetic and lean

  • increase nutrient density

  • lose the bloat

  • build lean muscle tissue at any age

  • optimal organ performance

  • learn to interpret hunger and satiety signals

  • fuel athletic performance and not gain weight


Nutrition coaching is done over the phone or ZOOM at the rate of personal training sessions.  

Coming soon:  GROUP NUTRITION CLASSES-please inquire!

nutrition coaching
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