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Let Summer Begin!

Mountaintop Handstand

How are you keeping your kiddos active this summer? Camps? Playground visits? Family vacation?

This can be a tricky business, particularly for working parents. Screens are everywhere, beckoning to kids with an unscheduled moment. This summer I am going to try to incorporate activities (physical as well as academic) into a checklist which can be managed by the kids and monitored by me. Some of our action items might include:

  • Football walk around the block (walk and toss)

  • Soccer-walk, same idea. When our oldest was small, this was a "pinecone soccer" walk, as pinecones don't get away from you easily.

  • Quick hike up the hill to take a nature photo (make a "what I did over the summer" album!)

  • Trampoline tricks

  • Bike the yard course (or block, if you're in the 'burbs)

  • Trip to the local turf and/or playground

Of course, technology will find it's way into our days. But with a checklist, my child will have to earn his screen time.

Do you have any tips that have worked with your children that you'd like to share?


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