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Cashing in on Keto--Food Manufacturers Taking Advantage of Consumers

Ketogenic diets have picked up a good bit of press lately and they can help people lose a lot of weight initially. The Keto diet is good for teaching people to reduce their carbohydrate intake and lower their blood glucose levels. By replacing the majority of carbohydrates coming in with healthy fats and protein helps your cells become more insulin-sensitive, saving you from type 2 diabetes and fatty-liver disease.

Unfortunately, many food manufacturers have picked up on the diet's gaining popularity and started making more processed foods which may "fit your macros" but not end up helping you lose weight in the long run. Unless you follow the diet for specific health reasons (epilepsy in particular) try to avoid adding extra fat into your diet to keep your intake high.

Manufacturers are adding fiber to their products claiming that those grams of fiber will negate the grams of carbohydrate ingested, which isn't necessarily true. Although fat doesn't raise your insulin, it's still a fuel for your body. Unless you're planning to exercise after eating, it will still need to get burned or stored. If you're trying to dip into your current fat stores, skip the franken-food and opt for a the nutrient-dense, higher protein snack or meal with a side of vegetables.

Where's the nutrition?


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